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Treehouse France specialise in the custom design and construction of tree houses.

There is something magical about a tree house, something childlike, yet at the same time it is a work of art, and often a dream fulfilled. Tree houses have been used all over the world for many purposes throughout history, sometimes as play houses for the wealthy, but also for practical reasons of protection from predators and the elements, to keep a lookout, or to hunt game. Nowadays, in these regions at least, tree houses are generally used for more sedate purposes, as a den, a bolt-hole, an office, a studio, a playroom for the children, or as extra accommodation for when friends and family stay.

The Korowai tribe in Irian Jaya famously build deceptively fragile-looking houses up to 150 feet off the ground which support whole families and their livestock.

People protesting new roads and protecting woodland have built amazingly inaccessible mini-villages in the treetops.

You can attend a church service in a tree in Northern France, have a beer in a tree-borne bar in downtown Tokyo and ascend to your bedroom in a water-powered lift in a tree house hotel in Southern India.

The Swiss Family Robinson lived in a tree house, as did Owl from Winnie the Pooh and even Robin Hood may have lived in an enormous oak, so we hear.

People have built tree houses in towering pines and humble apple trees and out of everything from old bits of aeroplane to woven willow. Whether you have a 30-metre redwood to hand or nothing but a stump and a dream, a tree house can be yours.

Given the many reasons why people would like a house built in or round a living tree, it is impossible to define the exact requirements of a tree house. Yes, it should ideally be an off-the-ground structure supported by a living tree, but there are no real rules - there are no limits as to how large or small, simple, dotty or elaborate your tree house may be. A quality tree house will live with the tree, in harmony, sitting in its branches, allowing the tree to continue to grow whilst at the same time using the structure of the tree to securely fix the position of the house. Any fixing to the tree should be considered very carefully, not only for the wellbeing of the tree house, but also for the wellbeing of the tree - after all, the tree house cannot survive without its host.

If your trees are not up to supporting a tree house by themselves, there is always a way to get round this with extra supports.

Things look different from even a few feet up in the air, and there may be nothing quite as satisfying as sitting in your own tree house looking down at the world passing by. Occasionally, without the world knowing you are there. Whether it be a platform to drink tea on, a shack made from old reclaimed timber, or a sprawling metropolis spanning several trees, the range of designs and styles of tree houses is endless, every tree is different, and therefore, by default, so is every tree house in the world.

Treehouse France will bring our expertise to your requirements and the available trees in order to design and build you your perfect tree house.  Please contact us if you require any further information.